Getting to the top of search engines?

Correctly placing content on the internet is a delicate task with a specific strategy.

1)  Some content needs be deposited over time.

2)  Some content is required to be in place for a while before it is seen as legitimate.

3)  Some content is changed on a regular basis.


Our SEO Traffic Strategy Package Includes:

           Google search research

     •       Linking your website

     •       Creating a dynamic page

            Monthly Reports

     •       Develop and update strategic websites

     •       Linking your website to our affiliated websites

     •       Creating a “Hosted Marketing Page”

     •       Write copy, produce and install proprietary pages on your website

     •       Linking your website to external links

     •       Linking your website to popular internet directories

     •       Build two offsite blogs

     •       Setup your website on social bookmarking sites

     •       Submit your Press Release to a news distribution network

     •       Submit topic related articles about your business



Before SEO – 2 to 4 page 1’s based upon proper nouns in your business.

     •       End of month one – average client has approx. 100 Page 1 rankings.

     •       End of month two – average client has approx. 200 Page 1 rankings.

     •       End of month three – average client has approx. 300 Page 1 rankings.



We guarantee that any website we optimize will achieve at least 10 page one rankings with relevant keyword phrases in Google, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, AOL and Ask.  A Free three months of ongoing SEO work if these 10 page one rankings are not achieved by the end of month five.

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