Foreclosure Solutions

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I can help you reverse a foreclosure!

Sometimes it’s not too late to recover your property or equity “after” the foreclosure auction.  It requires the right attorney and some legal work but it can be done. 


Texas foreclosure laws favor the mortgage companies and allow homeowners very little time before their homes are foreclosed and sold at auction.  Filing the foreclosure only 21 days in advance of selling the property at the auction. (compare, California is 3 months)  


With all the problems caused by the pandemic, mortgage foreclosures are skyrocketing and many homeowners don’t know what they can do about it.  


There are several ways to avoid foreclosure and many times the homeowner just needs more time to work on the issues to stay in the home. 


One way to avoid foreclosure is to sell your home before it goes to auction. And as a cash investor, we can help you with that. But usually there is very little time to complete the sale because of the complexity and paperwork that has to be completed. 


No Obligation Cash Offer



Selling to us…

Good cash offer in a day

No listing, clean up or showings

Avoid the repairs and save time

Choose any closing date


Traditional Realtor Sale

Risk of unacceptable buyer financing

Endless cleaning and home showings

Contractor management

Unknown timing and closing 



Avoid the hassles and save time by selling to Xeig, so you can get the whole process behind you in a hurry.


Xeig is owned by a Texas independent investor. Every month we receive a list of properties when an entity has filed a notice of foreclosure document in county records. Our purpose is to help before it goes to auction. That way the owners don’t lose the property but can instead get equity out before it goes to auction. And avoid the foreclosure altogether. 


The offer depends on several things but mostly the condition of the property.



Tell us about your home

All we need is your address and some brief details about your timing and needs. 


Let’s talk about the condition

And find out about the things that make your home special. At that point we’ll make you an offer.


Your options are explained. 

Also a Free Local Move can be included if needed. And let us know if you need an Extended Stay after the closing and when you would like your closing date to be.


Sign all documents online

We will email you the contract and if you approve, simply sign digitally online and we can get started!


The Local Title Company

The title company is a disinterested third party that prepares all the legal documents and handles the closing. 


On Site home inspection

This will give us time to make more thorough inspections and prepare for the final closing. 


Close & Relax

At closing, we pay the agreed upon price and buy your home! And you’re able to move freely to life’s next chapter. 



Close When YOU Want

You don’t have to wait weeks or months to close. We will plan around the date you select. 


Eliminate All Obstacles

Don’t be concerned about living in a slow seller’s market. We take all financial and legal responsibility so you can sell in just a few days instead of months or years.


No Showings And Open Houses

Showing and open houses are a pain to work around, and you don’t have to bother with them. And you won’t have to worry about staging your house, showing or open houses.


Moving Included Free

You can take advantage of our free move offer. We pay professional movers to provide you with an easy and hassle free moving experience.


No Cleaning, Inspections And No Repairs Needed

You can skip the homebuyer’s inspection and skip the long list of repairs the buyers demand. No surprises and no negotiations to deal with it. We purchase all homes in their current condition as-is.


Cut Out The Closing Costs

Cut out the middleman. We handle all costs, fees and expenses associated with the sale. That means you don’t have to pay the title company closing costs or commission to an agent.


Save On Fees And Concessions

Buyers often demand concessions from the seller so the sale can proceed. You can complete the purchase in days without title fees, broker fees, transfer taxes, and other miscellaneous fees. So you don’t have to make concessions or pay extra fees.



A foreclosure happens when a homeowner can no longer make their mortgage payments. The mortgage company takes the property, removes the homeowner, and sells the home to get their money.