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Advertisements, Realtor fees, and home inspections are both time-consuming and costly. Selling your home can be a pain. If you’re attempting to sell a house that needs a lot of work, getting your home in showroom condition might not be worth it.

Will I Make or Lose Money
Will I get more money once I fix a house or sell it as-is? If repairs are necessary, the question becomes how do you have to spend to sell a house?

Too Many Repairs
Making your home attractive to homebuyers is necessary for a top-dollar sale. Cosmetic issues like wall color, replacing appliances, and chipped floors are cheap and might or might not not hinder a sale.

Most major repairs are only unsurfaced after a thorough inspection. When selling a house fast with repairs, you need to consider these hard-to-find repairs and what it means to a buyer. Most buyers aren’t willing to pay the desired asking price knowing that everything they can’t see is in peak condition.

Some sellers utilize contractors. Many contractors have transformed beautiful homes into ugly houses. Some offer the dysfunctional floor plans and finishes. They also offer awful color schemes and thoughtless room repurposing. They’re unappealing to the average buyer and stay on the market far too long.

Best case scenario: your contractor does exceptional work within a guaranteed allotted timeframe. But do you want to fix those major structural defects like replacing your roof, deck, or septic system? It’l mean paying thousands of dollars before even listing your home.

When working on cosmetic and major repairs, homeowners are faced with home-altering decisions. Some of these improvements are style dependent and require the right individual taste. A feature that you love could be the deal-breaker for a buyer.

Selling with a Realtor As-Is
Making repairs is necessary but the thought of hiring contractors and owning a ugly house is bad. Many homeowners decide acquiring a Realtor and selling their house without making repairs is the only option. But selling a house that needs repairs, especially major ones, is tough even for experienced real estate agents.

When selling a house that needs repairs, eveyone suggests lowering your asking price. In theory, this is great. The more time a house spends on the market, the more time a homeowner spends paying the home’s utilities, taxes, and insurance.

Realtors are more concerned with selling and receiving payment than selling your home at top price to the right buyer. Sometimes, using a Realtor means giving up your home’s best chance to sell.

We Are A Better Solution
If you’re looking to sell a house fast with repairs by using contractors, expect heavy fees, paperwork, and other hassles. Want to hire a Realtor and sell without making repairs? Expect even heavier fees, a longer time on market and other complications due to third-party involvement.

A cash offer eliminates many struggles sellers face when trying to sell a house fast with too many repairs. Cash buyers offer a much quicker close. This is due to their ability to skip the mortgage process completely. By avoiding banks, selling to a cash buyer means closing and receiving payment within a week – as opposed to the typical 30-60 days.

Arguably the best advantage to accepting a cash buyer is their desire to buy your home as-is. No need to worry about fixing major repairs, updating outdated finishes, or appealing to the average buyer. A cash buyer wants your home just the way it is.

Get a Cash Offer Within 24 Hours
Lucky for you, we buy houses fast. We work to get you a no-obligation cash offer for your house within 24 hours.

If you are not completely satisfied with the offer we make to buy your house, you don’t have to accept it. No charge. No fees.

Give us a call at 210-348-3681 or fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to speaking with you.


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